Kiln Dried Paving Sand

Kiln Dried Paving Sand

£3.20 Ex Vat


Kiln Dried Paving Sand a fine, dry aggregate which prevents movement when brushed between block paving joints

Kiln Dried Sand is the easy way to achieve strong, secure paving

It is suitable for a variety of applications and can be brushed directly from the bag.

Kiln Dried Sand is suitable as a jointing or grouting sand for block paving projects, the laying and bedding in of paving slabs and as a dried building sand.
Kiln Dried Sand is kiln dried, factory produced and is graded and controlled in accordance with BS 7533 – 3:2005.
Kiln Dried Sand should be stored in unopened bags clear of the ground, in cool dry conditions and protected from damp, frost, heat and excessive draught.
Kiln Dried Sand is ready for brushing directly from the bag and each bag will cover approximately 5m2 of standard block paving.

We recommend that Kiln Dried Sand is not used in wet or damp conditions.

For any more information contact a member of our team on 07488285681.

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